Raphael Sternberg Reveals-Garden birds are struggling: four ways to help.

Clean your bird feeders and bird baths

1. Clean your bird feeders and bird baths

In the wild, with a few exceptions such as starlings, birds don’t come into close contact with each other much. This lack of contact makes it harder for diseases to spread.

Install bird nesting boxes

2. Install bird nesting boxes

Many people help birds by putting up nest boxes in their gardens. But these boxes are mostly made for robins and tits who nest in open boxes, or ones with small holes. These nest boxes mimic the crevices and holes that would be available in mature trees.

Add some insect-friendly plants

3. Add some insect-friendly plants

Many of the species entering the red list, such as the house martin and house sparrow, feed on insects. Insects numbers have declined rapidly, so it is no surprise that these avian predators are finding it hard to feed themselves and their chicks.

Reduce dangers to birds

4. Reduce dangers to birds

Pet cats are predators and can target species like house sparrows, which remain on the red list. Even the presence of cats could be enough to scare birds, reducing the number of young they may be able to have. This may have a more damaging impact on bird populations than the number of birds killed by cats.



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Raphael Sternberg

Raphael Sternberg

Landscaper and Gardener, Raphael Sternberg is based in Israel, but travels throughout the world, leaving his unique design, finish for countless unknown "users"